Just Under the Surface

Just Under the Surface
A multi-sensory, cross-media collaborative installation from the pioneering international artists collective Sensory Sites

Key participants: Rosalyn Driscoll, Bonnie Kemske, Tereza Stehlikova, Kay Syrad, Anais Tondeur

Soundscape: Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner

Video projection assistance: Dan Tobin Smith

The Crypt Gallery, St. Pancras Church, London

Just Under the Surface explored the aesthetic, emotional, bodily and metaphysical possibilities of an art that integrates all the senses, especially touch. Through sculpture, moving image, sound and installation, Just Under the Surface created a deeply immersive environment where multi0sensory encounters were actively encouraged. The Crypt, a former burial site under St Pancras Church in London, served as one of our collaborators as we drew the hidden stories from a space already rich with them.

shot-3-water-corridor-010-overallshot-6-hide-311 shot-7-hanging-spores48shot-8-hide2-56overall shot-9-water-mapping-74shot-16-hide4-97 shot-12-hug2-86 shot-13-hide3-92 shot-14-hug3-93overall shot-7-hanging-spores44 shot-stick-003 shot-5-paper-11overall tereza-s-nameless-wood-projection2tereza-s-nameless-wood-projection3tereza-s-nameless-wood-projection1

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