Journey to the Interior

I am currently developing an immersive multi-sensory performance, as part of the Open Senses weekend. The performance will take place at the Dissenters Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery, on 20/21st May 2017.

The performance is inspired by George Bellas Greenough, a geologist and founder of the Geological Society, London, who lies buried at the cemetery, as well as Jules Verne’s story Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

The developmental stage of the performance consists of sensory workshops, which serve as a space for playful exploration and experimentation, as well as a development of collaborative team of creative individuals, interested in some of these themes.

They have been scheduled for these days:

Saturday 25th February

Saturday 18th March

Saturday 29th April

(times 11.00 – 2.30 pm)

So far I have planned a sound focus with Josh Ward (who worked with me on Icelandic Banquet and also Moving Water project), and who will join us on 25th Feb. There will also be a focus on taste, with Michael Isted of The Herball. And finally one of the workshops should also involve a geological walk around the cemetery, led by a geologist. 

If you are interested to participate or have ideas how you might want to contribute, please get in touch. The contribution can be anything from experiments with sound, taste, movement, touch, vision etc. Ideally some creative connection to geology, minerals or underground space etc. would be ideal, but it can be a very loose connection indeed.

To register interest:


George Bellas Greenough’s Geological Map, 1819

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