Sensory workshop 6

Next Sensory workshop will take place on 30th April (11-3.30pm), at Dissenters Gallery.

This next workshop is aimed at the final stages of developing Journey to the Interior performance, to take place on 21st May, 2017.

We have two guest presenters: artist Ellie Doney and participative theatre practitioner and a poet Debra Watson.

Sugar Metamorphics with Ellie Doney

An experimental sensory encounter with sugar as a shape-shifting material: a liquid, a glass, a fibre, a foam and a crystal. Through this we might think about it’s transformative properties upon history, culture, our bodies and our future.

Ellie Doney is a materials and making enthusiast, engaged in research into food and transformation, and the crossovers between human and non-human materials. She is currently artist and material archivist in residence at Phytology, an artist and community-led project among the urban wilderness of Bethnal Green Nature Reserve.

Underworld with Debra Watson

The workshop will explore creating a moving meditation around accepting the gifts of the underworld and the crystal cave and preparing for ascent into the overworld. 

Debra Watson is a participative theatre practitioner and a poet. She studied esoteric healing and creative meditation with a teacher using Tibetan techniques.Her show “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme More: LOVE!” is playing at The Camden People’s Theatre on 25th April.

Little homework:

Imagine yourself shrinking in scale so that an orange feels like a whole planet. Now create an object, through wrapping a “crystal core” (however you want to represent that idea) in layers of different materials (paying attention to tactile qualities, such as texture, temperature etc, as well as scent and sound). These “planets” will be exchanged amongst participants and explored in absence of sight and to a soundtrack. I am attaching a text which has been used as an imaginative trigger for the soundtrack composed specifically for the Journey to the Centre of the Earth, which can be used as a very loose inspiration for the layers. (Please note artistic licence should be applied in regards to interpretation)

If you are still interested to participate, please get in touch:

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