Sensory Sites is an international collective of artists based in the UK. We are committed to creating site-specific art installations that heighten people’s sensory responses by appealing to all the senses, especially the somatic senses. Our purpose is to explore, create and promote aesthetic experiences that enhance and reveal the role of the body and the senses in the encounter with spaces and places, generating deeper connections to their embodied selves.

Our installations draw upon the sensory, somatic and spatial capacities of our visitors. We treat a chosen space as another collaborator. We build upon and augment the unique spatial, material, atmospheric and acoustic qualities and meanings of a space through such tools as sculptural transformation, movement, space, light and scale. Our installations stimulate sensory experiences, associations and memories. We want to deepen our visitors’ encounter with the external and internal worlds on the threshold that is perception.

Like the senses themselves, the organization is responsive and dynamic. There are presently five core members. Membership is fluid and evolving, as are the working partnerships among the members. Given the multisensory nature of our intentions, the members also engage with a network of associates and collaborators, which includes artists, designers, scientists, philosophers, anthropologists, and writers. We engage with students at various levels of university education as a way to communicate and expand our vision and our mission